Täyssynteettinen kisakäyttöön tehty 2T öljy (Motocross ja Enduro). Rockoil
Täyttää luokitukset: JASO FC ISO GD.

Tuotekoodi: 034_2Töljy

17,00 €
Synteettinen 2-T Racing öljy

Synteettinen 2-T Racing öljy

Synthesis 2 Racing is probably the most advance pre-mix 2 stroke lubricant currently available. The phenomenal film and shear strengths give supreme protection and maximise the power and reliability of the engine. S2 Racing can be used in all 2 stroke high performance engines and can also be mixed with all 2 stroke oils except castor based. Use up to 20:1 always following manufactureres guidelines. It meets and exceeds the following specifications: JASO FC ISO GD.

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