DEP tarvikeputki (sopii DEP alkukäyrän kanssa)
2t Betaan 250-300RR
Vuosimallit 2020-2023

Tuotekoodi: DEPBT2207

155,00 €
Toimitusaika 14 päivää
DEP äänenvaimennin 250-300 RR 2020-2023

DEP äänenvaimennin 250-300 RR 2020-2023

Offers Optimum Power Increase
Designed To Fit Both O.E And DEP Expansion Pipes
Aluminium Outer Sleeve

DEP Exhaust produce a huge range of 2-Stroke silencers which have been designed to fit both O.E (original equipment) and DEP expansion pipes.
Each silencer has been manufactured with polished aluminium outer sleeve and a mild steel internal perforated core, which has been wrapped with a high temperature Eglass packing, which is also easily repackable.
Every silencers has been designed to help enhance a specific bikes performance, ensuring an optimum power increase.
For maximum effect DEP advise their silencer are used with a matching DEP front pipe.

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