Eli "täydellinen" sisus uswen juomareppuun. Eli pussi, pussin sulkija, letku ja suulake.

Tuotekoodi: V-101222

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USWE Juomareppu sisus letkulla ja suulakkeella 1.5L

USWE Juomareppu sisus letkulla ja suulakkeella 1.5L

The Elite is a revolutionary reversible bladder. The design of the Elite allows users to easily maintain cleanliness.
The patented wide slide top opening allows for fast filling and secure seal. To clean, simply slide open, reach in, reverse, and rinse.
This product is made by Hydrapak LLC for USWE Sports AB.

- Material: TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane)
- Including: 45 degree bite valve, Plug-n-Play, drink tube and reusable bladder
- Reversible for easy cleaning and drying.
- Constructed with 0.25 mm thick TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) for superior durability and flexibility.
- Patented wide slider opening for quick filling and leak proof seal.
- RF welded seams to create superior bonds at a molecular level.
- Filtration Compatible (with fixed connector) links with in-line water filtration options
- BPA Free.
- PVC Free.
- Dishwasher Safe
- FDA and EU Approved materials.
- Naturally Anti-fungal.
- No-Leak Product Warranty