Venhill musta etujarruletku Beta RR 250 - RR480 MY13-MY19 sekä RR125 ja RR200 MY18-MY19 malli.

Tässä letkumallissa kulma hieman eri, joten joutuu todennäköisesti hieman "säätämään".

20 mallista eteenpäin eri letku

Tuotekoodi: BET 01

69,00 €
Etujarruletku Beta RR 250-> MY13-MY19 ja RR125-RR200 MY19

Etujarruletku Beta RR 250-> MY13-MY19 ja RR125-RR200 MY19

Venhill Powerhose Plus Brake lines
Every Venhill hose is built to meet or exceed DOT and TUV requirements.
Smooth bore DuPont Teflon hose - better heat resistance.
Corrosion-free stainless steel over braid - eliminates expansion so that all the braking force is transmitted to the brake.
Corrosion-free 303 stainless steel swivel unions - allows perfect stress free alignment of the lines during fitment to the bike. Direct swaged banjo fittings can be mis-aligned during manufacture leading to kinks and twists in the lines when fitted. In time this will stress the lines and could reduce efficiency.
Dome-head banjo bolts - easier to work on cramped modern machines.
PVC jacket - protects the braided hose and paintwork and you can choose from a range of colors.

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