DEP tarvikeputki DEPBT2203. Vahvistettu putki, kestää osumat hieman paremmin…
2t Betaan 250-300RR
Vuosimallit 2014-2018

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Tuotekoodi: DEPBT2203

333,00 €
Toimitusaika 14 päivää
DEP vahvistettu paisari alkukäyrä 250-300 RR 2014-2018

DEP vahvistettu paisari alkukäyrä 250-300 RR 2014-2018

Product Information
DEP 2 stroke pipes are produced from high quality CR1 grade, mild steel
material. Ranging from 0.9-1.2mm, depending on the model and purpose.
The 2 stroke stampings are produced through our own deep drawer
process, using CNC cylinder mounts, in-house laser cut mounting brackets
and fabricated with high quality TIG and MIG welding. All models are
available in the bare metal factory finish and nickel finish. Our 2 stroke
pipes have been designed to improve performance over the OE pipe with
in-house DYNO and track testing.